Load Files Popup Cannot Resize Correctly

Load Files Popup Cannot Resize Correctly

Postby Felix » Mon Aug 24, 2015 10:30 am

Upon using the "Open Files..." option, via either ctrl+L or via the right click menu the popup that is presented cannot be resized correctly.

You are able to increase the size of the window by dragging the edge of the popup outwards.
Upon trying to reduce the size of the window by dragging the edge of the popup inwards, it does not shrink the window.

As a result, I now have the popup taking my full screen's size as I've raised the size but cannot reduce it. Reinstalling the program did not reset the size either.
At the size that it has resulted at the preview image is uncomfortably small, oddly it ended up smaller than it was before I resized the window.
The blue box being the area that is the preview image of the comic
The red box being all the information for 33 different comics.

I greatly miss having a more compact file browser in the application so this issue means quite a bit to me.

I am running windows 10 home and am unsure if this happens in other versions of windows, as I do not have another computer to test on.
I am using the 64 bit version of the Cdisplayex.
I am using a computer resolution of 1920x1080.

Thanks for working on this otherwise delightfully user friendly software, have a wonderful day.
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