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Loading Next File

Postby HidefTvGuy » Thu Apr 02, 2015 8:29 pm

I 1st off want to thank you for this updated program. Seems to work great. Having a small problem with loading next file either directly or as a shortcut. At some certain files(in same folder)when I go to next file, it will just reload itself and not go to the next file. I can go to previous files from there but not forward. I even loaded a few files past it and went to previous and that worked but when I went forward it kept stopping at same file. I can't find any similarities of the ones it won't go past. some being cbr's and some cbz's - some large, some small. some with folders inside archive and some not.
What is causing it to try to keep loading itself instead of going to next file?

Win 7 64
version 1.10.29

Think I may have stumbled onto something. I am in an old archive - We'll say the comic is called Brand X, and I have from 0 - 100 in this folder. Some files though have new and improved pages so one book may be called 'Brand X 23.cbr' and the new one may be called 'Brand X 023.cbr'.
This is where it has trouble going to next file because these 2 files are basically the same. If I add a space somewhere 'Brand X 023 .cbr', it will now go to the next file. Something maybe for you to work on in case other people have found same problem. Cuz if files are burned to disk, you can't change the name.
Thanks again
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