Error when loading file F:\etc

Error when loading file F:\etc

Postby Deathichi » Tue Sep 02, 2014 3:48 am

I would like to start off by saying you do great work! Always coming out with the constant updates and listening to the community.

Sorry if this has been addressed before, but every time I try to load a .rar file with more than one part, I get an error. The error reads as follow: "Error when loading file F:\etc\123.part1.rar" I've been using an older version for quite a while, but decided to update due to greater animation support. If you are not able to address this problem, is it possible to offer up an older release? I'm having a hard time finding the older versions with many virus, spyware, containing downloads.

Thank you for your time!

Edit - I'm using 1.10.19 and Windows 7 32bit.
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