Cache while opening

Cache while opening

Postby WINTEX » Thu Aug 16, 2018 1:49 pm

Could you please add possibility to change cache of pages on .cbz(archive) open. Right now CdisplayEx look throught all archive, and after all comic was indexed, youre allowed to read it, even when you Open folder with extracted .jpg CDisplayEx do the same, but the problem is, that my Comic library is on NAS, and some .cbz can be up to 1 gb size. (Manga and Color Web Comic) And it takes a lot of time, to start reading. So, i'm curious if it is possible to make it just like in ACDSee, that caches first 5 pages, and allows you to start reading, with auto addition of new images if you're around 4th of cached image. If it not possible, maybe you can start reading right after archive opened, and not freeze it until every page indexed? You already have couple of pages to read, why wait for 200 pages to index(one tankobon)? Maybe it can be done in background? If everuthing that i wrote before not possible for archives, maybe it can be done at least for Open folder? I like CDisplayEx as a reader, i changed ACDSee to CDisplayEx and do not regret, i even converted my library to .cbz (changed .zip to .cbz, but still... :D ). It was OK when i read from local SSD, but with NAS it takes too much time.
Thank you in advance.
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