PDF vs. CB*

PDF vs. CB*

Postby lows.ortunef » Thu Aug 02, 2018 7:27 am

Hello there,

As I was scrolling on CDisplay I thought I'd check the options to shortcut the save file option,
so I found there is EX version released supporting this feature, so firstly thank you for your work!

To the point.. I was super happy when found CDEX also supports PDF as majority of software i unnecessary heavy,
especially the free ones.. and loaded with bunch of useless options, and CDEX for PDF is ultra fast :oops: .. so thank you once again!

Now really, to the point. As both CB* and PDF files are with same icon, have you considered an update to make them differentiate from one another.
I'm sure it'll help the OCD of many people using the software the same way, also for me personally will help me locate certain files faster (No, I don't have time to sort them each time)

Thanks for your attention and apologies if that's rather spam than request.

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