Add new Program Parameters

Add new Program Parameters

Postby php » Thu Oct 27, 2016 7:47 am

Hi there

I have a specific feature request for CDisplayEx.
Please add a new parameter -page:n (or something like that).
If CDisplayEx will be started like this: "CDisplayEx.exe -page:203"
after loading the index of a comic file or directory, the application then should jump to the 203th file in its index.

This way it would be possible to use this parameter as a form of bookmark.

The background to my request:
I'm currently developing a manga/comic library application (Windows application). The user can maintain one or more different libraries to maintain his collections of manga or other books.
It will be possible to manage physical and digital collections, so for the digital collections it is a given a need for some more functionality.
One of these functions should be, to index all chapters of a book, add additional information (scanlation group, etc.) and rate each chapter individually (scan quality, translation quality, etc.).
If indexed, the user should be able to open the book at the chapter he wants to read, that's why I'd like to have the new parameter for CDisplayEx.

Thank you.
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