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Better Controls

PostPosted: Wed Aug 10, 2016 12:14 am
by NounVerber
Pressing down when the image can't be scrolled any further down will scroll to the right instead. Ditto for right->down, up->left and left->up. This super annoying but I haven't found a way to turn that off.
I also would like left/right to go to the next picture if the image width doesn't exceed the window (aka, it can't be scrolled in either direction). So you have two sets of keys for left/right movement. One always goes to the next image, and the other is context sensitive. (for example space/backspace and left/right respectively.)
And finally, I would like an option to make the window fit the image.

Props for letting me define shortcuts for virtually everything. This is really useful!
I would really like to use this program but the controls turn me off too much rn.