Several things

Several things

Postby Clay » Sun Jul 07, 2013 3:29 pm

First of all, I thank you for this amazing program.

Now I'll propose some features I'd like CDisplayEx had:

-Option to select a specific height or width to display pages (images). It was a feature present in the old CDisplay, and I miss it. It gives a lot of advantages.

-Is it possible to have two scroll sizes (and associate them to different keys)?
[[I read manga fitting page width to screen width and scrolling down; I normally use keyboard. I would like that if I press a certain key the size of scroll is small (and therefore I should press the key continuously if I really want to advance), and if I press another key, the size of scroll is bigger, so the advance down/up within the page is really noticeable. For example (just a example), I could associate the 'slow' scrolling down with the normal down key in keyboard to advance just a little, and the big size scrolling down with space button to move further down within the page. There would be their counterparts for up direction. It gives some advantages: -if you currently use a scroll size that advances a big 'distance', you could use the small scroll to adjust with more accuracy the portion of the image you want to see; -if you currently use a 'slow' scroll size, you'd have the option to advance more if you're tired of slowness and/or of pressing so continuously a button; -…. The real reason why I want this is because in previous versions of CDisplayEx, when you pressed for an instant up/down keys of keyboard, image advanced up/down considerably (the default and only scroll size at that time), but when you pressed continuously these keys, the advance was slower; I liked the two options and used both at my convenience, and now I can only have one of them, as the specified scroll size is the same when you press up/down keys for an instant or continuously.]]

-Option to disable (or enable) that when you are pressing continuously down/up keyboard keys and you reach the botton/top of the page, it automatically goes to the next/previous page. Well, you can extend this to all kind of scrolling (with mouse or pressing for an instant up/down keys): what I'd want is to be able to optionally disable that scrolling can bring you to the next/previous page.
[[I mean that sometimes I only want to reach the real bottom of the page by pressing continuously down key, but it automatically brings me to the next page, and so my objective is not achieved. This is somewhat related to the previous point. In previous versions, it didn't go to next/previous page when you pressed continuously down/up keyboard keys (at least with the previously commented way I read manga).]]
I've seen after writing that someone also talked about this in the forums.

-Option to automatically split landscape images into two parts, and then CDisplayEx shows each part as if it was an individual image. I've seen after writing that someone also talked about this in the forums.

-This is not a feature request but a question: are there better scaling algorithms than Lanczos? If so, would it be possible to add them? Just asking.

-More questions: cover thumbnail plugin only works when you browse files with CDisplayEx? It doesn't work in normal Windows explorer outside CDisplayEx or it only happens to me? If it only works when browsing files with CDisplayEx, would it be possible to (optionally) extend its functionality to normal Windows explorer? And an important thing: would it be possible to select which specific image is the one that is seen (sometimes, cover image is not the first one)?

That's all. Wow, I've written too much. And I've suffered trying to properly explain my ideas in English.

Thanks for your attention!
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